Local 0303

MEETINGS: Third Tuesday of each month @ 6:00pm, come join us. - 4/25/2012
We are holding monthly meetings at the Library Station, 2535 N. Kansas Ewpy Springfield MO. On the Third Tuesday of each month at 6 PM in the Frisco Room.
Jackson Days - 4/25/2012
Jackson Day 2012 was a success. We made some good contacts will local and state office holders and candidates as well as the general public. Ken Menges and his wife Carol were with us Friday afternoon and evening and Ken worked his magic. Hopefully we will see some benefits after the next election.
Les and his wife were also there on Friday and we talked some ideas for next year and future years. Most of the booths had something that they were raffling to raise money. We need to think of an item or items to raffle and or sell to raise money that we could then contribute to are UTU PAC. We also need to collect some pictures of our members at work. Very few people knew who the UTU are in the commuity. We have a year to work on this but lets not wait until the last minute.
One commit I did here a lot was "why don't more of the unions have booths?" Good question. They all had hospitality rooms. Cool but a big expense. At our booth we had and gave out a lot of information on "Right To Work", where the national debt really came from, worker rights, and several other hot issues. Big thanks to Ken Menges for bringing this stuff down from Jefferson City.
This was a good investment for the lodge and I hope that we will continue to participate in the future.

Jeff Nichols
Local Legislative Representative
UTU Local 303

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking."
- General George Patton Jr

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